Tall Timber

Against the Grain

by Tall Timber

Released 2008
Released 2008
Our music lives at the intersection of "Johnny and June" and "Trace and Wynonna."
Induction into Nebraska Country
Music Foundation Hall Of Fame
October, 2013

"Some of the best music I have ever
heard"- Carla Davis, CMT Review

2010 "Best Entertainer" award at the
Texas Country Music Association
Awards Show Caldwell, Texas

"Suzie's voice is ,well, timeless"-
Connie Carter, Bethel Country Music

"This is country Music as it should be
written and played" Tony Mansford,
Golden Highway Publications

Suzie and Dr. T.Bill have the ability to sing
everyday life into traditional country
masterpieces" - Gina Doost,
Bryan Farrish Radio Promotions

Induction into the ISS Songwriting
Hall of Fame, September, 2013

T. Bill has lived music for many years. He has a passion for entertaining whether he is behind a drum kit, a
microphone, a guitar or song writing. His years in the studio and on tour have allowed him to work in many
genres, with various artists and bands, always listening, always learning. His unique vocal stands him apart from
other artists.

Suzie has been with several bands as a touring performer, playing bass and guitar. She has captivated
audiences across the country with her ability to deliver a song. Suzie attended the University of Indianapolis as a
drama major and her subsequent successes in theatre allow her to immerse herself into the lyrics of a song --
whether she is singing it or writing it.

Suzie and T. Bill have toured together from Florida to Wisconsin, New Mexico to Montana and all points in
between over the last several years. Whether the venue was The Orlando Civic Center, The Tampa
Amphitheater, Indianapolis Air Show, Moe's Maverick, Montana Chad's, or The Lonesome Dove, large venues or
small they have made many friends. They have a long-standing working relationship with the Special Olympics
Truck Convoy and have also worked with The Make a Wish Foundation, Riley Children's Hospital and
Hands on New Orleans.