Tall Timber

Our music lives at the intersection of "Johnny and June" and "Trace and Wynonna."

"I Remember" was voted Number 1 Patriotic Song for 2010, by the Nebraska Country Music Foundation.

Tall Timber was named "Duo of the Year" for 2010 by the Texas Country Music Association.

"Suzie and Dr. T Bill have the ability to sing their everyday life into traditional country masterpieces. Their collection of songs are inspirational in many ways, aspiring hope in the broken hearted. Bill's talent as an all around musician is clearly displayed in the rhythm of the sound. Suzie releases heart-warming and captivating vocals, uniquely mixing the sounds of traditional country with the power of soul. Bill portrays the classic sounds of George Jones, while Suzie's vocals characterize the same emotions as those Carrie Underwood is able to perform.

Track #1: "I Remember" (proceeds to charity) Suzie's vocals strengthen the message of love, support, and sacrifice for our heroes fighting the war. The lyrics, in the simplest form, paint a portrait of a families bond to support even when you hurt, to sacrifice even when the most is at risk, and to love even when hope seems to fade. But it is the melody that enhances the tune and keeps the memory of the song and message alive even after the record has come to an end. Track #2: Plain Ol' Country Boy Bill's deep vocals are classic and captivating. There is a defined rhythm in this track that expresses the smile and satisfaction in Bill's heart. The use of the guitar adds depth and the bass has the ability to keep rhythm with the listener's heartbeat." Reviewed by: Gina Doost of Bryan Farrish Radio Promo

Dear Tall Timber,

I listen to both your albums and my first reaction was “hey, what’s this” So I put the cd’s in my player and listen to the music and after a while I closed my eyes and went a hundred years back to the rural South of gold diggers and lumberjacks, but although they sing also about the real live in America with a very good Southern sauce above it and this combination of simply lyrics and the nice female voice of Suzie in combination with the low male voice from T-Bill makes these two albums as pearls for someone who loves good traditional country music. Very nice mixes and the flow leave you wanting more. Then I think why do they make more of such good country music nowadays, but you’ve to know such music doesn’t sell for the big managers and that makes me angry because artists like Tall Timber don’t get the change to come in the charts with good country music and therefore is it my goal to do promo for them on our local radio station in the Netherlands. Hope that there will be soon a new album available.

Sincerely Rudy Minnaert Host of “The Free Country Eagle” Terneuzen FM

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